Hair Loss After Weight Loss? Capillique For Hair Help!

With growing consciousness about the way you look, and physique turning out to be the greatest resolution for young people, the right combination of physical workout and a balanced diet can be a game changer.

However, thinning hair because of weight loss is a universal problem, it isn’t a myth. Hence if you want to thin down effectively and quickly without worrying about your hair health then try a natural supplement Capillique which supports your hair growth by providing your scalp with vital nutrients.

Your hair has a complex structure in human anatomy. Your hair follicles are strong and they can bear a lot, but they too are likely to get influenced by a certain lifestyle and behavioral changes. It is imperative to understand the whole science behind it before you take any action.

What Does Weight Loss Have To Do With Hair Loss?

Hair thinning post weight loss is usually linked to a condition – telogen effluvium. This condition throws your normal hair cycle out of whack. Generally, your hair grows at the rate of ½ inch each month for two years before it goes into a resting state called telogen. All your hair is at various stages, so you witness constant growth and regrowth, with your older hair falling out making room for the new hair to grow during telogen. In an undisturbed cycle, about 10 percent of your hair will be in resting phase at any given time.

Telogen effluvium starts when this 10 percent hair grows and the hair cycle phases lose their natural balance. As a result, more hair goes into resting phase i.e. hair falls out quicker then they grow back in. Mostly hair loss is limited to scalp, in more serious cases you can also lose your eyebrows and other body hair too.

What Do Other Researches Conclude?

Some other researches state that deficiency of iron, proteins, and some other nutrients in your system can be a central cause of your hair loss. Lack of these nutrients deprive your hair of hydration and suck out all the nourishment from it when eventually lead to thinning of hair.

An obesity medicine physician at Massachusetts General Hospital stated – people who are trying to lose weight do not consume much protein when they are on their weight loss journey. When you deprive your body of protein, your body has to decide where to send the protein which it has. In such a condition your hair isn’t important for your survival hence it receives the leftover protein which leads to hair loss.

#Note: Well, the good news is this situation is temporary. When you successfully conclude your weight loss process, the hair loss will also stop. However, you can take the help of Capillique if you find it going out of hand.

Make These Changes In Your Lifestyle For A Body Free Of Fat But Loaded With Hair!

1. Protein Is The Key

If you wish to lose weight but do not wish to compromise on your hair quality, keep a tab on the amount of protein you are consuming. Aim to get at least 46 grams of protein every day. Protein makes up your entire hair structure and fortunately, it is readily available in everyday food. Consume beans, red meat, seafood.

2. Incorporate These Foods Too!

Whole grains, spinach, citrus fruits, carrots, spinach, nuts should be added to your daily diet as they make a healthy contribution to your system.

3. Zinc Is Your Friend

Include some zinc in your diet as it is a key mineral for hair growth as well as nail and skin growth. You can get it by vegetables like spinach and broccoli, fruits like fig and avocado and animal-based proteins like eggs, and lean beef.

Final Thought

Balance is the key when it comes to losing weight. Club exercise and a healthy diet and you will get great results without affecting your hair quality. You can also experiment with hair growth supplements like Capillique, a pill loaded with nature’s goodness to give you voluminous hair that you desire!